Gray Paws Sanctuary for abandoned senior dogs

Gray Paws is a home-based sanctuary for abandoned and unwanted senior dogs. We provide preventive and routine medical care, physical therapy, socialization and LOVE. Typically senior dogs are “dumped” or abandoned at shelters or with animal control because they have reached the age where they require expensive medical care. We adopt these senior dogs in shelters, from animal control, and other rescue groups. They often have years of activity and love left! They receive that at Gray Paws Sanctuary.

Many doggies have come and gone over the years, long before Gray Paws Sanctuary was incorporated. Some were not with us long, just long enough to receive the medical attention they deserved, the love and affection they so appreciated and the dignity to eventually let go when the time was right and to be at peace.

Co-founders Darla Poole Brescia and Joe Brescia incorporated Gray Paws Sanctuary on January 1, 2014 and are an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Mission is to focus on the Greater Pittsburgh Area of Pennsylvania.

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You can help us raise money for our organization, too! It’s simple. When you purchase pet products online
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