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The Gray Paws Pack!

We humans are Darla Poole Brescia and Joe Brescia – but who cares about us!!??  Here are the real stars of the show!

Lady Bug – aka Lady Cocoa Bug joined the pack in November 2018 at age 9.  She was rescued from a deplorable home.  She suffers from seizures and her back legs were damaged years ago and not treated properly.  She is extremely bow-legged and beautiful!!
Senior Dog Sanctuary PA Madge-ic  joined the pack in February 2018. She was found in her home sitting in the recliner, looking at her elderly human that passed away, and was laying on the floor next to her. Madge was very sad at first but with lots of love and patience – She has become a happy girl!
Senior Dog Sanctuary RIP – Jazzy is our Jazzy boy! We didn’t know much about him. He was picked up by Animal Control in the Pittsburgh area and was never claimed. He was a big sweet old galoot! He fit into the pack immediately and was so loving and affectionate. We were very sad to let him go….
Senior Dog RIP – Lottie was severely overweight and her belly dragged on the ground. She was in a foster home for many months that took great care of her and she came to us at a more reasonable weight.  Lottie became a wonderful pack member immediately! She was the sweetest little chubby girl!  Sadly she developed a devastating case of anemia that took her from us unexpectedly.  We miss her…
Senior Dog Charlie RIP – Charlie joined the pack on July 16th, 2017. His human dad had dementia and when his daughter was called about Charlie, she said, “just keep him. I cannot take care of him anymore.” So he was with us until the end of his days. He was such a puppy despite being 13 years old!
RIP – Cheyenne (aka Shy Shy) joined the pack on June 21, 2017. She lived well over 10 years chained to a box. She came with a severely infected tooth that created an abscess on her cheek. She had many mammary tumors that were open and seeping. Cheyenne was a bit shy. We had her medical needs addressed and slowly she came out of her shell! She was so beautiful!
Buddy Senior Dog Buddy joined the pack on April 29, 2017 at the age of 12. Buddy was in a loving home for all of his years. His mom was diagnosed with a health problem that prohibits her from taking care of him. He is truly the sweetest, most loving little fur ball ever! He has the most positive energy. Welcome home, Buddy – we will take good care of you!
Senior Dog Resident Gray Paws RIP – Maggie (aka Maggie Mae!) She joined the pack on December 9, 2016. She was very frail and skinny when she was rescued. But months of love and care brought her to us in great condition for a 13 year old baby! Although she had a benign tumor on her leg and a heart condition requiring medications – she was still perfect to us! She was so very sweet and gentle. We will see you again, Maggie Mae I Kiss You..
Gray Paws Resident Lady RIP – Lady (aka Lady Bug) joined the pack on June 19, 2016 with her brother, Harley. She was 13 years old and her human mom could not take them to where she was moving. She was so sweet and affectionate. She would lay next Harley and clean him up.  She passed away not long after Harley left us unexpectedly.  She had Cushings but we think her broken heart took more of a toll…
Gray Paws Resident Harley RIP – Harley (aka Harley Boy) joined the pack on June 19 with his sister, Lady. He was 15 years young! His human mom could not take him to where she was moving. He was a challenging, ornery boy! He snarfed things off of the counters and ate tissues! We lost him very unexpectedly… Rest in peace.
Tabby – aka Tabby Girl came to Gray Paws at age 14.  Her mom had to go into a rehab.  She is my little shadow and follows me around everywhere.  She has a very unusual bark and sounds like she’s huffing.  We love our Tabby!
Gray Paws- Earl RIP – Earl joined the pack on November 28, 2015.  He was 12 years old and was found as a stray in Ligonier, PA.  He was in terrible shape and the vet was going to put him down.  Thankfully Officer Amber Noel with Helping Hearts and Healing Tails nursed him back to health!  He was the sweetest thing!  His poor little feet were damaged most likely from a life living on chicken wire in a Beagle Hutch or Puppy Mill as a stud.  We were so sad to lose Earl after only 8 months with us.  He developed a very aggressive form of lymphoma.  Rest in peace, sweet boy…
RIP – Sammy joined the Gray Paws pack on July 18, 2015.  His elderly human mom had him for 13 years and could not take him to her new assisted living home.  Even though he was 13 – he was full of spunk!  He loved to play with toys and fetched like a champ.  We miss him…
Jelly Bean – aka Queenie Beanie McBean!  Jelly Bean came from as lovely couple that were dealing with health issues and could not take care of her.  She is as soft as velvet and so very sweet….
20150227_135217-1 RIP – Faith (aka “Faifers”) joined the Gray Paws pack on February 27, 2015.  She was another discarded hunting Beagle from WV.  She was a very gentle shy dog and always in the back of the pack for treat time.  Her little face seemed to always ask for approval, “Is this ok? Am I a good girl?”   Yes, Faifers!  You were the best girl…
reese RIP – Reese Peese was the puppy from a pregnant Beagle (Shyla) that we rescued in 2005. Shyla has since passed. Reese’s siblings were placed in loving homes!  She was the sweetest, most gentle dog.  I always used to think that dogs that were so shy and timid must have been abused at some point in their lives.  But Reese always lived with us and came by her disposition naturally.  She was just a sweet, gentle little spirit…. We were so fortunate to have her for 13 wonderful years…rest in peace, baby girl…!
hershey RIP – Hershey (aka “Hershey Kiss” or “Kissy” or “Kistopher”)  joined our family in December of 2008 when she was 5. She was a walking skeleton. She and her sister, Sheba, were being surrendered to a kill shelter and a friend of a friend contacted us to help. We just could not let that happen! They were both so sweet and affectionate despite their deteriorated physical health. Both of them became healthy and playful again with us! Sheba passed to the Rainbow Bridge several years ago and Kissy joined her in June 2017. She was losing that spark in her eye. We had to let her go. We miss her very much.
DSC_0056 RIP – Roxie Ruby the Rottie was adopted in 2012 at the age of 8. She is was our “Biggest”. 110 pounds of cotton candy! She struggled with Cushing’s Disease but we managed her symptoms well for over a year. She was so lovable!  Sadly, Roxie Roo developed a very large fast growing tumor on her neck.  The test came back lymphoma.  Roxie unfortunately rapidly declined within a week.  We did not want her to suffer and we helped her to The Bridge on December 21, 2014.  Rest in Peace, Roxie Roo.
Cotton RIP – Cotton Ball was found running in traffic in 2012. Our vet thought he was about 7 years old then. He was a total brat! ? As the little dogs usually are!! He was very demanding but also very sweet!  Unfortunately Cotton was diagnosed with a prostate or bladder tumor – neither of which were operable.  We had him on palliative care for several months and he remained happy and playful!  (you can see a video of him playing on our Facebook Page)   We let Cotton go to The Bridge on December 14, 2014.  You never know how much you miss a little warm dog on your lap until he’s not there any more…  Love you, Buddy.
DSC_0044 Mama Mia was rescued from a shelter in WV in 2013. She was not even 2 years old and emaciated and pregnant – for the second time – according to the vet. All 9 of her puppies are now in loving homes! She is the baby of the house! We always tell her – now that we are truly a Sanctuary – “No more puppies in the house!”  She and Hershey are the best of friends.  They play constantly!
20140525_191320-1 RIP – Brandy Boo Boo joined the Sanctuary in November 2013 at age 15! She was rescued from a shelter in Ohio. Her picture was posted on FB and we just could not stop looking at it. She was meant to be with us!  Brandy had an attack of Vestibular Disease in the fall of 2014.  It scared the daylights out of us!  But she is one strong dog and she managed to fully recover.  Brandy has since gone to The Bridge.  You can read more about her under the “Featured Resident” tab.
Sara RIP – Seraphina (Sera), age 12, was added to the pack in April 2014 with her son, Henry, age 8. Sera is a petite Beagle-ator and we called her Serapheenie Teenie Weenie!  Sadly, her son Henry passed away after only five months with us in September.  Click here to learn more about Sera and her beautiful boy, Henry! In Loving Memory of Henry
Ginger Ginger joined our pack on Sunday, November 2, 2014!  She is 10 years old and was rescued by Forever Home Beagle Rescue.  She is a doll!  She has a crooked little face that the vet thinks is from an old injury; maybe from being hit by a car or maybe even kicked by someone…. We sure hope not…   ?  Ginger’s belly is as soft as velvet and she loves to have it rubbed!  She is Joey’s sleeping buddy.  Her face is right in his face all night long!   We just love her!!
Missy1-1 RIP – Missy joined the pack on Saturday January 31, 2015.  She was 14 years young!  Her mom went into an Altzheimer’s facility and her dad could not take care of her any longer.  She had the sweetest little personality.  She would gallop in the yard and her white paws made her look like a Clydesdale!  We made the decision to let Missy go to The Bridge on January 1, 2016.  Her Renal Disease got the best of her and she was tired.  Rest in Peace, Little Miss Miss.

  We need foster homes to save even more senior dogs!!!