Providing quality “forever” care to abandoned senior dogs
Greater Pittsburgh & Southwestern PA

About Gray Paws

What is Gray Paws Sanctuary?  We are a non-profit incorporated on January 1, 2014 and are an official 501©3 non-profit organization. Gray Paws has NO PAID EMPLOYEES.  Everything is done by the co-founders, board directors and the volunteers.  All contributions are tax deductible.

We provide three programs:

  1. Home-based Sanctuary
  2. Forever Foster Care/Adoption Medical Coverage Program
  3. Love Your Animal for Life (LoYAL) Program

Where do the dogs come from? Most of the senior dogs we work with are from private owners in crisis.  We also sponsor dogs from local shelters, animal control, and other rescue groups.  

Can I adopt one of the dogs at the Sanctuary? No – the dogs in the sanctuary are not available for adoption. Transitions are very difficult for older dogs and once with us – we are their “forever” home and family.

What services are provided? We provide preventive and routine medical care, physical therapy, socialization and LOVE. When a dog shows any unusual signs we seek medical consultation and treatment as deemed appropriate. We provide palliative care and hospice care. Our dogs are helped to cross to the “Rainbow Bridge” by our home visiting vet when their quality of life deteriorates to a level where they (and we) are no longer happy and wagging our tails.

How can I help a senior dog through Gray Paws? The dogs are posted on the Gray Paws Sanctuary Facebook Page.  (They are not here on the website) If you see a posted dog that you are interested in – send a message to Gray Paws with your email address. We will send you information on how the program works.  We pay for the medical care for the duration of the dog’s life.

Things you should know:
1. Gray Paws serves the Greater Pittsburgh area.  We generally rescue and place dogs within an hour of White Oak, PA.  

2. Senior dogs can be referred to us by rescues, shelters, animal control and private owners.

3.  We MUST speak with the legal owner of the dog or next of kin responsible for the dog to assist in any way.

4.  Senior dogs are screened for eligibility.  They cannot be aggressive, have a bite history or severe behavioral issues that prohibits them from being in a home environment.

5.  Senior dogs are usually screened, matched with families and placed directly into their new home; they do not go into temporary placement with us.  Most of the dogs are being re-homed by private owners.

6. All of the screening, coordination and collaboration with families, rescues and the public are provided as a Mission of Love. There are no payments to anyone involved and here is no fee.

7.  The LoYAL Program can provide financial assistance to families that are unable to financially provide for their dog.  Email us or message us for an application.

How can I help? The overwhelming need at this time is funding to pay for medical care for the senior dogs in sanctuary and placed into homes. We need and appreciate all donations and fundraising support more than you know!!