Providing quality “forever” care to abandoned senior dogs
Greater Pittsburgh & Southwestern PA

About Gray Paws

BIG NEWS!!!!  The new Sanctuary Home is complete!! We are still working on some outdoor projects like fencing and lighting, but the home is livable and we have more seniors than ever!

What is Gray Paws Sanctuary? We are a home-based Sanctuary for senior dogs. We were incorporated on January 1, 2014 and are an official 501©3 non-profit organization. Gray Paws has NO PAID EMPLOYEES.  Everything is done by the co-founders, board directors and the volunteers.  All contributions are tax deductible.

Who runs the sanctuary? The co-founders of Gray Paws Sanctuary are Darla Poole Brescia and Joe Brescia. We currently provide sanctuary care in our home in North Versailles, PA. When we leave for any length of time we have amazing neighbors, volunteers and professional caregivers that provide high quality care in our absence.

Where do the dogs come from? We adopt dogs from local shelters, animal control, and other rescue groups. We usually do not take dogs directly from individual owners or strays.

Should I call the Sanctuary if I know of a dog in need? No – the best thing to do is call your local No-Kill Shelters. We are usually not able to take in dogs directly from owners or strays for two critical reasons.  1) We need to be careful that every dog accepted has a “pack” temperament and can live peacefully with a large group of dogs.  2) Because senior dogs have fragile immune systems – we must be careful never to expose them to any illness or disease. We accept dogs from local shelters, animal control and other rescue groups with verification of “pack” temperament and documentation of being fully vetted.

Can I adopt one of the dogs at the Sanctuary? No – the dogs in the sanctuary are not available for adoption. Transitions are very difficult for older dogs and once with us – we are their “forever” home and family.

What services are provided? We provide preventive and routine medical care, physical therapy, socialization and LOVE. We carefully track each dog’s activity and mood every day. When a dog shows any unusual signs we seek medical consultation and treatment as deemed appropriate. We provide palliative care and hospice care. Our dogs are helped to cross to the “Rainbow Bridge” by our home visiting vet when their quality of life deteriorates to a level where they (and we) are no longer happy and wagging our tails.

What is the Vision for Gray Paws Sanctuary? We are creating a one story Sanctuary Home on 3 acres of land in White Oak, PA!!  It will have ample fenced in yard space with exercise areas and a shallow doggie pool. It will be safe for an arthritic, neurologically impaired or blind dog to navigate. The home will have doggie door access and lots of room to roam in the fresh air.  We will create human socialization space with the dogs so all the wonderful people that donate their time, talent and treasure can mingle with the dogs! We envision welcoming our volunteers, supporters and donors to meet the old dogs “hands-on”!

**It is important to note that although the co-founders (we) will live in the Sanctuary with all of the dogs – the Sanctuary will not be an asset of the co-founders. The sanctuary home and all inclusions will forever be for the purpose of saving dogs. The Board of Directors governs and approves all legal aspects of the facility and Gray Paws Sanctuary.

How can I help? The overwhelming need at this time is funding to pay for the new home!

We need and appreciate all donations and fundraising support more than you know!! If you would like to volunteer – just tell us!! We would love to have you join our team!