If you’re interested in volunteering to help the old dogs, please contact us.

In addition to Board Directors – We are currently seeking professional volunteers:

  • Legal expertise – to represent the sanctuary throughout the process – THANK YOU, Matt Monsour and Rob Bittner from MCGUIRE WOODS in downtown Pittsburgh!!
  • Day to day volunteers:

    • Doggie care – since we are a home based sanctuary we generally provide all necessary day to day care. However – we do vacation occasionally. During those times we need dedicated dog lovers to step in and care for the old dogs when we are gone.
    • Grooming and nail care – Periodic grooming services will keep our dogs comfortable. Frequent nail care is very essential to our old dogs!
    • Vet Tech and Veterinarian Services – to assist with routine medical care and specialized geriatric care

    Special Volunteers:

    • Board of Directors – we currently have no vacant seats on the board – but we encourage you to submit a resume and letter of interest for consideration. The Annual meeting is every January when Board Directors and Officers are elected. Nominations are accepted throughout the year.
    • Event and Fundraising Volunteers – to assist in various ways several times a year to raise funds to support the old dogs.