The next year is going to be an exciting time for the old dogs and all of the humans that love them! We need all kinds of supporters to be a part of the Gray Paws Sanctuary growth. If you’re interested in volunteering for any of the following opportunities to help the old dogs, please contact us.

In addition to Board Directors – We are currently seeking professional volunteers:

  • Property surveying – to ensure we have the accurate information about the property we recently purchased!!
  • Legal expertise – to represent the sanctuary throughout the process – THANK YOU, Matt Monsour and Rob Bittner from MCGUIRE WOODS in downtown Pittsburgh!!
  • Manufactured home company – to work with us to design a Sanctuary that will meet the old dog’s needs at a reasonable cost.  THANK YOU, John and Ryan Pover of Dream Homes in Finleyville, PA for helping us to design the perfect home for senior dogs!
  • Excavation service – to ready the property once we find it!
  • Concrete contractor – to pour the driveway, the foundation and patio!
  • Fencing contractor – to install a large area of fencing to keep the old dogs safe!

Site Readiness Volunteers:

Throughout the next year we will be coordinating “volunteer days” where we will invite the community to help with special projects such as landscaping, fence installment, pond and sprinkler installment or interior projects like building shelving or built-in doggie crates and beds.   We have lots of creative ideas for the new sanctaury home!

Day to day volunteers:

  • Doggie care – since we are a home based sanctuary we generally provide all necessary day to day care. However – we do vacation occasionally. During those times we need dedicated dog lovers to step in and care for the old dogs when we are gone.
  • Grooming and nail care – Periodic grooming services will keep our dogs comfortable. Frequent nail care is very essential to our old dogs!
  • Vet Tech and Veterinarian Services – to assist with routine medical care and specialized geriatric care

Special Volunteers:

  • Board of Directors – we are seeking professional, passionate people to guide the sanctuary into the future! The Annual meeting is every January when Board Directors and Officers are elected. Nominations are accepted throughout the year.
  • Tax Preparation and CPA services – to assist with our annual IRS requirements
  • Event and Fundraising Volunteers – to assist in various ways several times a year to raise funds to support the old dogs.