Gray Paws Co-Founders purchase land in White Oak, PA!!

This is an extremely emotional announcement as the vision of Gray Paws Sanctuary is becoming a reality! 

We are so overwhelmed with the love these old dogs give us every day.  We wake every morning to smiling faces and happy tails.  We end each day with fur babies all around us – usually snoring!  Even when the time comes to say goodbye to one of our babies – which we know is inevitable, but still never easy – we know that we have done our best to give them quality of life until their last breath. 

We are so fortunate to be able to do this work.  We have our health, a strong network of support and a passion to help these lovable creatures!  The major obstacle we are tackling is the physical structure of the home we live in now – and funding to make a new sanctuary.  There are steps everywhere in our home now that just aren’t safe for senior dogs. 

Our recent land purchase and the new one level home are very costly – but we are going to do this!!  We are taken aback by the generosity of people on a daily basis.  Donations come from those that can only afford $10 and some much more.  Every dollar counts – and we are sking for your support!  Now the even harder work begins as we move forward with the site readiness and sanctuary home installation!  Won’t you be a part of our success?

Donate Today

If you want to help ensure that old pups can continue to have a home to call home for the rest of their days, donate to our cause here. You won’t find more adorable recipients anywhere!

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