Love Your Animal for Life (LOYAL) Program

Our LOYAL Program is designed to keep families from having to surrender their dogs due to financial issues. This program provides funding for most types of necessary veterinary medical care in order to maintain the senior dog in their home.

The following types of care may be covered by the LOYAL program.

LOYAL program covers basic veterinary care

Basic Medical Care

This type of care includes spay and neuter procedures, dental, vaccinations, routine diagnostic tests, etc.

Non-basic, Non-urgent Care

This type of care may include chronic illnesses and acute diseases and conditions such as Cushing’s disease, heart disease, tooth extraction, etc.

LOYAL Program covers basic non-urgent vet care
LOYAL Program covers urgent veterinary care

Urgent Care

This type of care includes lacerations, broken limbs, or other matters that need to be taken care of before the next available appointment.

Emergency Care

This type of care includes life-threatening injuries or illnesses such a vehicle trauma, poisoning, etc.

LOYAL Program covers emergency vet care

Age Requirements:

Large dogs (>40 pounds+) must be 10 or older
Small dogs (<40 pounds) must be 12 or older

The Gray Paws Sanctuary LOYAL Program has worked to establish relationships with veterinarians and rescues in the greater Pittsburgh area. This has allowed us to provide all the resources we need to the families associated with our LOYAL program. These vets and rescues have information and forms for our LOYAL program and will follow the policies and protocols required to distribute program information and refer clients.

**Gray Paws Sanctuary LOYAL Program will consider each of these types of care on a case-by-case basis.

There are conditions attached to this program so that we can ensure that every dog is properly taken care of.

  1. You must be able to provide transportation to the local medical provider approved by Gray Paws Sanctuary.
  2. Your dog must be spayed/neutered. If the dog is not but is healthy enough for the procedure, Gray Paws Sanctuary will pay for the surgery.
  3. All manageable treatments and procedures deemed necessary for the quality of life by the veterinarian must be completed.
  4. Gray Paws Sanctuary will only be able to make payments to a veterinarian clinic or hospital
  5. You must agree to not give away, sell, or trade the dog, even as a gift to a friend or family member or abandon/surrender your dog to a shelter. If you are no longer able to care for or keep your dog – you will need to notify Gray Paws Sanctuary.
  6. Medical procedures must be APPROVED by Gray Paws Sanctuary. Extreme measures will not be approved.
  7. Coverage under the LOYAL program both begins and ends at the discretion of the Gray Paws Sanctuary LOYAL Program Committee member(s).

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