About Gray Paws Sanctuary

Gray Paws nonprofit Sanctuary for senior dogs

Gray Paws is a nonprofit sanctuary that takes in old dogs that are unwanted by their families or abandoned at shelters where the dogs will likely be euthanized because of their age and veterinary care costs.

At Gray Paws Sanctuary, we believe that every dog deserves to live the happiest and healthiest life possible. The senior dogs that come to us in jeopardy often have years of activity and love left. Providing preventative care as well as routine medical services, physical therapy and so much more is part of our commitment to giving every senior dog happy golden years. We’ve partnered with a local veterinarian for superior care but also have a home visiting vet in order to make sure each animal receives personal attention throughout their time at Gray Paws.

We are committed to providing the best quality of life for senior dogs, and we say goodbye with dignity. When the time comes, we provide palliative and hospice care, and with the help of our dedicated veterinary partners, we are able to help our dogs cross the “Rainbow Bridge” when they have lived the fullest life possible.

How Gray Paws Sanctuary Began

Darla and Joe Brescia recognized a need for help with old dogs, so they established their nonprofit sanctuary in 2014. They began by welcoming these old pups into their large Victorian home in North Versailles which was certainly spacious enough for the dogs but not practical with all of the stairs.

Soon after, they purchased 3 acres of land where they spent almost 2 years building a one-story modular home (no stairs!) custom designed just for the aging canines and making it possible for them to welcome even more seniors!

Completed in 2016 through donations and many volunteers - this is truly an amazing home. It is safe for arthritic, neurologically impaired, and blind dogs to navigate and includes custom doggie amenities including built-in crates and resting nooks under counters, unlimited access doggie door with a ramp to the large fenced in yard, and a separate utility room where they can isolate sick dogs.

Gray Paws Nonprofit Information

Gray Paws Sanctuary is headquartered in White Oak, PA, and is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible. The IRS NTEE classification code is D20, Animal Protection and Welfare within the Animal-Related category.

Donate Today

If you want to help ensure that old pups can continue to have a home to call home for the rest of their days, donate to our cause here. You won’t find more adorable recipients anywhere!

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