Gray Paws Sanctuary

Providing quality "forever" care for abandoned senior dogs.

Gray Paws Sanctuary

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At Gray Paws Sanctuary, we are passionate about senior dogs! Since 2014, we have been caring for older dogs in the Greater Pittsburgh area in need of preventative and routine medical care, physical therapy, socialization, and above all, love!

We do this in three ways - First, senior dogs in “Sanctuary” live with our co-founders, Darla & Joe. They spend every day caring for this pack of senior dogs themselves.

We also match senior dogs with local families through our “Forever Foster Care – Medical Coverage Program” to care for them for the duration of their lives.

Finally, our LOYAL Program provides financial support to families in order to help prevent the surrender or premature euthanasia of senior dogs that can be kept healthy and safe in their current homes.

Home-Based Sanctuary

The Sanctuary co-founders always have a large group of senior dogs that live in the sanctuary with them until the end of life.

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Forever Medical Coverage Program

Financial coverage for medical expenses so our volunteers can focus on love and care.

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Love Your Animal for Life (LOYAL) Program

People experiencing difficulty providing for their pup can seek financial support to give care to their senior dogs while loving them and keeping them in their home.

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Age Requirements for Gray Paws Programs

How old is an old dog? To be considered "old age" a large dog (over 40 lbs) must be 10 years old or over and a small dog (under 40 lbs) must be over 12.

Donate Today

If you want to help ensure that old pups can continue to have a home to call home for the rest of their days, donate to our cause here. You won’t find more adorable recipients anywhere!

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